The Alchemy of Aging Mindfully

“Turn within slow your heart’s spin listen in hear it tell you to begin.” __ Colleen Kavanaugh

Modern day alchemy is the art of transformation, Paulo Coelho author of The Alchemist writes that “real alchemy is the ability to manifest personal change.” The ability to change is necessary to survival and good mental health. Meditation is a means by which transformation/change can occur to create a more grounded life as you navigate life less young. And really sometimes you just need to give your mind and mouth a rest and just be.

Move into a quite space, focus on your breathing, allow your breath to flow like a slow slow dance. Concentrating on a word, a short phase, or a stationary object are a few techniques I use to make my practice more grounded. Yes your mind will wander, after all the mind will do pretty much whatever it wants to do. Be careful not to judge your thoughts, practice bringing your wandering mind back to your breath start over as many times as necessary. Be gentle with yourself, practice really does make perfect…

Easy ways to start the practice of mindfulness:

·  Memorize a scripture repeat repeat repeat

·  Make peace with aging; aging is as necessary as breathing

·  Pause before acting

·  Respond don’t react

·  Pay attention listen to others

·  Be available in your here and now

·  Tune out and tune inward

·  Be grateful for enough “Enough is a feast.”

·  Exercise the mind with positive affirmations “I am getting stronger every day.”

·  Take the journey be your own alchemist

Best Barbra

Published by Lifelessyoung

Eldercare Family Consultant Aging Health Educator BA Psychology/MA Applied Gerontology

2 thoughts on “The Alchemy of Aging Mindfully

  1. I love this Barbara! “Enough is a feast.” That line resonated with me so much. Being grateful for enough is so important. I often find myself wanting more…but everything starts and ends with being grateful for what you have. I have strayed from my meditation practice. This was exactly what I needed to read today!

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