Lessons Learned During The Pains of Nothingness…

Empty streets, fewer people, less pollution. Mother Earth is healing! She is silencing and slowing her vibration, why? Because of reduced human noise. There is a lesson to be learned in this valley of forced slowing down. We are in earth’s school and this lesson is pass or fail. You cannot run away from the lesson, unlearned lessons manifest themselves again… often more savage than the last because of disrespect for the first, or, the last depending on where you are on the journey. Do not despair or run away from your boredom. The people of earth have caused a state of forced nothingness. And the domino effect has caused Mother Earth to still and slow her vibrations, God ordained, science verified.



We did this, we slowdown the chaotic vibrations of earth by being in a state of nothingness. Make no mistake the spirit of the earth is still vexed by the harm caused at the hands of those that Father Mother God gave charge of the earth to. We the humans have this tremendous opportunity before us “to do better, why because we know better.” Tread lightly as we dive back into the the busyness of our lives, remember this lesson, and walk in the truth that what we do and how we live effects the planet on which we live. Do not take the stillness for granted, this hollow space in time that stopped the world.

Be Well!

“Thus says God the LORD, Who created the heavens and stretched them out, Who spread out the earth and its offspring, Who gives breath to the people on it And spirit to those who walk in it.” Isaiah 42:5

Published by Lifelessyoung

Eldercare Family Consultant Aging Health Educator BA Psychology/MA Applied Gerontology

2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned During The Pains of Nothingness…

    1. Thank you Tonya so much to learn from this time that will be written in history books. Praying the future of the world will find hope in whatever they may face during their time on earth🙏🏾


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