My Mother My Love!

“My mother was my first country,
the first place I ever lived.”
~Nayyirah Waheed

My mother has always told me and my siblings to “keep looking up.”

Most of us know the story of David. He was a great king but he is also famously know as “A man after God’s own heart.” Most if not all of us can relate to David’s story because he is also know as a “man of many miseries.”

God our father in his infinite time and wisdom was constantly raising David up from his many afflictions. David kept looking up even when his head was bowed in shame. But David says to God “you are the lifter of my head” David understood the weight of being parented. Psalms 3:3

“Love and discipline are a double-edge-sword. And when you are a single mother parenting three children and the father has abandoned his position you are left carrying the total weight of the sword.” ~B. Miller

But God…….

“A praying mother is more precious and valuable than all the riches in the world.”

~Violet James

Take heart through his trials and choices David teaches us that the same hand that disciplines is the same hand that strengthens.

Thank you mother for your double edged sword that often cut deeply, but also Christened us with a healing balm to strengthen us as we continue to navigate life and learn from the highs and the lows.

Today I am grateful for this precious gift our mother gave to us to keep looking up no matter what. My sister Audrey says of our mother whenever we are reminiscing about our upbringing that “she was not perfect no one is, but, she was perfect for us.”

We love our Mother!

Barbara, Audrey, and, Liz (her grand daughter). And our dear departed brother Reginald whose unconditional love and laughter we miss everyday 😘

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Eldercare Family Consultant Aging Health Educator BA Psychology/MA Applied Gerontology

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